Preschoolers ...

The preschool program strives to provide a stimulating environment in which learning and growth can flourish, while being safe and having fun.  The goals of the program are:

1.  To provide developmentally appropriate activities inviting children to become creative players and problem solvers.
2.  Emphasize positive social relationships through adult support.
3.  To encourage independent thoughts and actions.
4.  To provide pre-kindergarten skill development.

Daily activities consist of teacher directed learning centers with children being free to choose and move from one to another at their own pace.  Some centers include math manipulatives, creative movement, computer, blocks, dramatic play, and sand and water play.  Table activities include arts and crafts, cooking, and science experiments.  A circle time, this includes the calendar, stories, music, and learning basic Spanish and sign language.  Weather permitting, the preschoolers go outside twice a day.



Infant to 12 months



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