Developing Curriculum ...

Curriculum in our program develops through an interactive process between the child, teacher, and the environment.  Each day there is a balance between teacher-planned activities and those that emerge from the children’s interests, abilities, and needs.  There is a balance between individual, small group, and large group experiences.  Curriculum is based on inquiry and problem solving, discovery and application of key issues and concepts.  We strive to have all learning be active and meaningful.

Each child is unique.  The curriculum focuses on supporting the growth of the whole child including social-emotional, language, cognitive, and physical development.  We also recognize the range of individual and cultural variation.  Each child is a member of a community that includes the family, classroom, school, and world.  Building this sense of community takes conscious planning and ongoing effort.  Our goal is to make each child feel like a valued member of the community and to develop a sense of empathy and caring for others.



Infant to 12 months



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